CBD Advertising Solutions: 5 Reasons Why Cannabis & CBD Brands Should Use Native Advertising

CBD Advertising Solutions: 5 Reasons Why Cannabis & CBD Brands Should Use Native Advertising

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CBD Advertising Solutions: 5 Reasons Why Cannabis & CBD Brands Should Use Native Advertising

Cannabidiol advertising and promotion for cannabis are extremely difficult, but not necessary. Setting up and running a successful cannabis or CBD campaign for your business may be quite straightforward if you are open to profitable alternatives to Facebook ads and Google Search Ads.

The use of programmatic online ads on famous websites is one of the finest instances of effective promotion of cannabidiol products.

This Lazarus Naturals CBD promotional channel also enables everyone visiting your website to remarket with personalized advertisements on the website when they visit your website.

Native advertising or sponsored content ads are a newer option for approved cannabis and cannabidiol marketing.

There are five reasons why you should utilize native advertisements in your internet marketing strategies for your cannabis or cannabidiol business.

Native Ad Platforms Accept Cannabis and CBD Ads

The greatest thing about utilizing native sponsored posts ads is to make native advertisements/sponsored content ad platforms such as Mantis and Outbrain suited for cannabis and CBD ads!

You read it correctly. Cannabidiol and cannabis businesses are permitted for the use of ad networks mentioned above to post cannabis and cannabidiol advertisements on prominent websites.

You need just inspire, educate and convert material for the optimal administration of your website and an experienced cannabis advertising agency.

Native Ads Save Money on Cannabis & CBD Ads.

One of the main advantages of your CBD advertising approach is that you have considerably cheaper costs for operating Native Cannabis ad campaigns than utilizing Google search ads or Bing search ads.

While advertising investments are sold on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis on both search platforms and native platforms, native platforms provide fewer CPCs than search platforms.

Moreover, native advertising provides you complete control over the title of the ad, the thumbnail, and the contents of the landing page that is the destination URL you want people to go to after clicking on the ad or CBD.

The advantage here is that indigenous advertisements enable you or your cannabis/ cannabidiol marketing firm to make your messages exclusively for your target demographic. The individuals are most interested in your goods.

Native Ads Can Help Build Your Email List

To know how this works, consider this trip.

A potential customer clicks on your sponsored advertisements that are carefully positioned on an appropriate website by the Cannabis advertising team and arrive at your content/blog item on the website.

You may continue reading the remainder of the material here, which you have published in your sponsored content ad.

This is the last chance for your CBD or cannabis business to get important information from this potential client.

You are actively interested in cannabidiol and the knowledge you pushed via the sponsored content ad, and now with this prospect, you have developed brand awareness and are building brand confidence while reading your material.

Native CBD Ads Can Build Profitable Audience Lists for Retargeting Campaigns


Suppose my team and I have been learning one thing from the marketing and promotion of cannabis and CBD goods since 2017, then by retargeting campaigns. In that case, you will sell significantly more cannabis and cannabidiol products than by initial prospecting efforts.

Retargeting or commenting on Google Ads is a digital marketing strategy which has shown super-effectiveness in the online marketing of goods. Page visitors with display advertisements are more likely to switch by 70%.

Native Ads Traffic Can Boost Your SEO & Content Marketing Strategies

Using Native Ads/Sponsored Content Ads can assist you in boosting the traffic of your website blog content from famous websites. As a result, your SEO approach will get a huge boost.

Google ranks all websites based on authority, relevancy, and confidence in a certain area. Therefore, in terms of cannabis and/or CBD goods, your website is authoritative, highly relevant, and trustworthy.

This needs a personalized SEO, keyword, and content marketing plan to be executed on your website, as well as a large number of qualified users who spend time on your site and use their material.


Native advertising is a major engagement generator. They get 53 percent 1 more views than display ads and boost buy intent by 18 percent. However, if you are not persuaded of this, cannabis companies may profit even more from native publicity by eliminating stigma and preconceptions towards the cannabis sector.