Empowering The Most noticeably awful in African Connections

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“Goor mo bindoo nonou” (That is The means by which Men were made)

“Goor la!C’est typical” (He is a Man! It’s typical)

“Goor mo mel nonou” (Men are That way)


My sisters, my African sisters, time for a Reminder.

In Senegal, these idioms about men are extremely normal. Also, by one means or another, men have prevailing to engrave in our psyche that it is alright for them

  •  to Undermine us,
  •  to sell out us,
  • to beat us,
  • to break our hearts,
  • to carry on like predators,
  • to slight us and regard us as they wish since they are Men.

Who brought forth men? Ladies.

Who raised them? Ladies.

Who enabled them to carry on like primates with other people groups’ girls since they are Men? Ladies.

Shockingly, We, Ladies, are the Empowering influences.

There are special cases to the tenets however African ladies need to Quit tolerating to be abused by men since they are Men. We, as a general public, have given them a “Lifetime Go” to treat us at any rate and any way they need.

When they undermine us, we, endure it and let ourselves know, they are simply Men, that is the means by which they are.

When they beat us to death or near it, we let ourselves know, they are simply Men, that is the manner by which they are.

When they forsake us and our youngsters when we require them the most, we and our company say a similar thing: they are simply Men, that is the manner by which they are…


We have to begin bringing up our children diversely regardless of what society says. Give us a chance to raise them to treat ladies like Rulers, to Love themselves profoundly, frankly, to Love others supernaturally, to regard ladies, to wind up Heart-driven and not Self image driven, to be caring, liberal, adoring, to figure out how to clean and cook so they might be thankful when another person does that for them

Give us a chance to quit tolerating the jabber convictions about “men simply being men” hence giving them a lifetime benefit to be jerks, treat ladies like toys and underestimate them. This begins at Home, implying that you should display this at home with your better half on the off chance that you have one. On the off chance that you enable your child’s dad to abuse you, odds are the child will imitate his dad.

The incongruity in Africa is that men don’t enable anybody to abuse their moms yet with regards to other ladies, they have diverse norms. A lady raised them and took awesome consideration of them; they grew up and society assumed control over their training. The subliminal grid that they unknowingly submit to once they begin hanging out with other men who impact them or ladies with no confidence who enable them to regard them as they wish… they withstand to new guidelines.