Google agrees to pay publishers in Canada and drops plans for blocking news.

Google agrees to pay publishers in Canada and drops plans for blocking news.

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Google has agreed to pay Canadian publishers for news content that appears in its search results. The company had previously threatened to block news from its search results in Canada in response to a government bill that would require digital platforms to compensate publishers for their content.

The deal between Google and the Canadian government is a major victory for publishers, who have been struggling to keep up with the decline of print advertising. The deal is also a sign that governments are increasingly willing to take action to regulate digital platforms.

Feds seize crypto mixer tied to the North Korean hackers who robbed Axie Infinity.

The U.S. Department of Justice has seized a cryptocurrency mixing service that was used by the North Korean hackers who robbed the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity of $600 million. The mixer, called Helix, was used to launder the stolen cryptocurrency, making it difficult for law enforcement to track.

The seizure of Helix is a major blow to North Korea’s cybercrime program. The country is believed to have used cybercrime to generate billions of dollars in revenue.

The Xbox app has a new compact mode for Windows handhelds.

Microsoft has released a new compact mode for the Xbox PC app that is designed for Windows handhelds. The new mode makes it easier to use the app on devices with smaller screens, such as the Steam Deck and the Valve Index.

The compact mode is available now for all users of the Xbox PC app.

Elon Musk curses out advertisers who left Twitter over antisemitic content.

Elon Musk has cursed out advertisers who have left Twitter over concerns about the platform’s handling of antisemitic content. In a tweet, Musk said that the advertisers were “cowards” and that they were “supporting censorship.”

Musk’s comments have been met with criticism from some who say that he is not doing enough to combat hate speech on Twitter. Others have defended Musk, saying that he is simply expressing his First Amendment rights.

Synopsys forecasts robust first-quarter revenue as AI boosts chip-design demand.