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Metatrader 5 Trade Copier: Copy Trades to MT4 /MT5 Platforms

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One of the most widely used information transmitted is Metatrader 5. It enables trading in currencies, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Supports functionality for the time, revenue, and order books that were missing from the prior iteration. The simplicity of MetaTrader 5 makes it the platform of choice for retail trades.

The netting and hedging account types for MetaTrader 5 trade copier are integrated with AimFX. MT4 can be configured as an enslaved person, follower, or both. Both Authentic and Demo accounts can use it.

Users of Meta Trader 5 are aware of this platform’s strength as an FX trading instrument. However, there might not be as many options for traders right now. This aspect, which prevents some nations from allowing access to the live account for the Meta Trader 5 platform and preventing them from making money, truly bothered me.

There is a method for doing this. If both trading terminals are installed on the same PC, the fix replicates trades from your MT 5 to MT 4 terminal. You can utilize all of Meta Trader 5’s features without worrying about finding a trader for your Meta Trader 5 system.

The “MT5 to MT4 Trade Copier EA” may replicate your positions from your Meta Trader 5 terminal to your Meta Trader 4 display if you have both MT 4 and MT 5 platforms installed on the same PC.

I don’t notice much of a slowdown during the copying process from MT5 to MT4. (Although I have not personally witnessed this, the copy time may be affected by the frequency of ticks in your chart.) The duplicating time is typically less than one second and almost immediate.)

The “MT5 to MT4 Trade Copier EA” is simple to install and operate. Through gomarket, you can also perform trading.

You can now trade with your preferred MT 4 broker and duplicate transactions (positions) from your Meta Trader 5 EA in real-time.I suppose that many MT 5 users, like myself, wanted this.


  • Support for master and follower accounts in a plugin
  • Support for netting and hedging modes for accounts
  • Order placement and cancellation at market value
  • Copy Stop loss / Take profit
  • Supported on pooling account, incomplete closure
  • Between the master and follower accounts’ symbols
  • Reverse the course of the place

In the event of an emergency stop, add the default stop loss (ex. useful to meet FTMO requirements)A copy can be made in as little as 10 ms.


Orders in progress are not copied.

On a hedged account, partial closure is not supported.

Total Account:

One take profit and one-stop loss are allowed per position. It results from how netting accounts operate. TP will be set at 4210 full sizes if you are long three e-mini S&P contracts at 4200 and one-off at 4210, 4220, or 4230. TP will be carried out, and a 2 contract will be opened. The gomarket is one of the best platform for trading.

Direct trade closing on MT5 is not allowed. The Expert Advisor will quickly decide that the MT5 exposure is too little when you close a trade that is still open on the Master and will attempt to submit additional trade.

Close trades by turning off the expert consultant or removing it from the chart before closing contracts.

1. Copy Trades To One Or More Followers From A Single Mt5 Master.

One of the most common use cases is when a trader decides to open a second account with a different broker while still trading on their primary MT5 account.

With AimFX, you may concentrate on trading on a single account while simultaneously executing multiple deals on one or more follower accounts.

How to Install MT5 on Windows | Eightcap

The amount of each follower account may vary.

There are various approaches to risk management.

Define the options for financial management: fixed lot size, lot multiplier, balance ratio, and equity multiplier.

Define the risk ratio, the sum of the master lot size, and the follower accounts.

Define the TP/SL approach.

2. Scaling up lot Size

Imagine a scenario where a trader is profitable with a small lot size but instantly loses money when the lot size is increased.Trading on a small master account while concentrating on the procedure or strategy and copying trades to larger accounts could be one solution.

3. Trade on MT4 and Copy Trades to MT5

MT4 is the most popular platform for retail traders. Many Expert Advisors/indicators were written to it. Not all of them are available in MT5.Using AimFX, you can employ MT4 Expert Advisors or Indicators already in existence while managing execution through your broker on an MT5 account.You can copy deals across the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms using AimFX’s trade copier.