Pet Sitters-Caring Your Pets, But Are They Cared? Pet Sitters Insurance, Caring the Carers

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Insurance for your professional interest is of utmost importance. Unpredictability of the circumstances makes all of us prone to risks and potential losses. Same applies to pet sitters and dog walkers. The professional hazard in pet sitters’ case is not only injury or accident but also they run the risk of being sued by the neighbors or the pet owners for any slackness in their service. Pet Sitters insurance is specially designed to take care of this issue.

The pet sitters have been found to be at the receiving end from the pets themselves as these pets, while going for a walk may feel threatened in the alien environment and this may trigger their defense mechanism resulting in the attacks on the strangers or the pet sitter.

Risks to a Pet Sitter

When a pet is at the pet sitters disposal, the pet sitter is for the pet and hence liable also, if something unfortunate like accident occurs to the pet. To be safe from the unpredictable circumstances, you would like to consider the pet sitters insurance to cover the risk or liability thrust on you. Pet sitters are at a risk of being blamed by the owner of the pet as well as from the public as the pet could be of possible danger to them as well as their property. In such cases if you have pet sitters insurance covered, you don’t need to worry about the hefty damages thrust by them on you. The insurance company will take care of it completely or partially depending upon the provisions of the policy. The premium for the cover is quite small compared to the worth the risk they cover.

The busy schedule of people has encouraged others to take up a new kind of part time profession as pet sitters. This is almost same as baby sitting, difference being that here the pets are reared and looked after by the pet sitters in the absence of their owners. The pets are taken care as their owners would have done that too in the absence of the owners. The pet sitters are increasing by the day and thus increasing is the risk to them also. The pet sitters run a risk of their own life and injury as well as that of the pet that is in their custody. The pet owner can sue the pet sitter if he or she causes any pain or harm to the pet inadvertently or intentionally. The liability could be heavy monetary fine and a possible confinement in the jail. The pet sitters insurance not only covers such risks but also covers the risk of the pet sitter getting injured while rearing the pet. The risk of injury caused to the pet and subsequent medical care bills are taken care by the insurance company. The insurance cover also covers the medical expenses of the pet also if in case it gets injured.

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