Regardless of How Others See You, You Love You More

Regardless of How Others See You, You Love You More

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If you keep focusing on those that do not like you, those who want to destroy you and those who wish you ill, you will never move your life forward. One of the beauties of being your own person is that you are no longer looking to have everyone like you. However, that means that you need to love yourself from deep down in your soul and that way you, it will not keep on bothering you if others do not like you. That has nothing to do with thinking that you are better than others. It simply means that while you may love others, you love you more.

Therefore, you will not allow your self-esteem, your self-worth and your self-confidence to be knocked to the ground if a few people do not like you and or they do not wish you well. If you keep feeding into the energy of those who hate you, you will end up hating yourself. Why? Because you will be looking at yourself through their eyes and you will begin to find reasons to hate yourself. You will see what they see. This leads me to another powerful recognition. “It is not how others see you; it is how you see yourself.” ~ Author Unknown.

There is nothing that says you need to keep allowing individuals into your life whose sole mission is to hate you, destroy you and find ways to break you. There is far more to life than a life filled with anything less than love and joy. That is why it is our individual responsibility to constantly fill our lives with healthy love, happiness, joy and laughter. That does not mean that you hate those individuals because that will only serve to do the same things that they are doing and that is filling your life with hatred and malice.

It means that regardless of how others may dislike you, hate you even, you love yourself more. That was a line by Samantha in Sex and The City. She broke up with her boyfriend of several years. She told him, “I love you, but I love me more, so I have to do what’s best for me.” That line has stuck with me for years and it is one that I use in my life when I realize that certain things are not working out in my best interest. Yes, love you more. Others may not like the decisions you make for your life, however, it is your life and your decisions. You have to do what is best for you and not what is best for someone else. That is what it means to take responsibility and control for and over your own life.

Another important reason why it is important to love yourself more is that when your life crashes because of what you had unconsciously allowed others to do in your life, they are not going to be the ones to acknowledge what they did. No, no way. They are going to point fingers at you and tell you that you chose to do this or that. You are the one who can choose how you react. Everything will be blamed on you.

That is why it comes down to your life, it is your way and your decisions. Not everyone is going to be happy when you start to take better care of your life. You will now be call prejudiced, elitist, and whatever insults that can be found to throw in your face. You can weather the storm. Do not stop your life to please others. You also cannot allow yourself to continue being on someone else’s emotional roller-coaster ride. There comes a time when you need to stop being a pawn in someone else’s emotional mind-games and start loving yourself more. Don’t allow others to play with your emotions and to twist up your mind.

That is why regardless of what others may think about you, whether positively or negatively, you have got to love yourself more, thereby removing yourself from any situation that does not create a healthy and loving lifestyle for you. And if that means you need to release others from your life, then you have got to love you more and do what is best, healthy and right for your life. Do not allow others to make you feel guilty for doing what is best for you, which is loving yourself more. Removing yourself from hatred, malice does not make you prejudiced, thin-skinned or elitist. It means you value love over every and all other emotions, thinking, being and feeling. You want love to be the most dominant emotion in your life. It is that love that once it permeates your life, you will be able to extend that love to everyone even if they are not in your life.

Your personal life is different from your public or professional life. It is important that your personal life is one that you can come home to and find refuge from the outside world. That means, your family, your friends that you hold dear, your actual living space should all be steeped in love, comfort, joy, happiness and laughter.

Every nook and cranny of your personal life, personal space should be saturated with love and only love. Loving yourself more also includes loving yourself as a person and loving the you that is staring back at you in the mirror. When you love yourself, heart, mind, body and soul, you will start to fully tap into and open up your basket of abundance that is stored up in The Universe.

Always remember, that no one outside of you is responsible for, nor can anyone block your individual blessings and abundance. Who you become in your life is entirely up to you and it has everything to do with how much self-love you have for you. You cannot afford to get caught up in who like or do not like you. Love yourself more and the need for seeking other people’s approval and advice over your life will no longer be a driving force in your life. Your life, your right over your life and your responsibility. Do not give others the responsibility of running your life and telling you what to do or not do in your life.