Mend Relationship Like A Piece Of Cake

Mend Relationship Like A Piece Of Cake 

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It’s not always intended, but we sometimes lose touch with our sweethearts of a time. There’s a saying “don’t fix what’s not broken”, it has a direct contextual value but lies in line with the story of relationships as well. When together, we try to create a space of hundred percent accuracy and no space for miscommunication or contrast in thoughts which is what leads to some of the biggest rivalries between people. They want to accomplish a stage together where you don’t contradict on any level is dreamy. This urge to have the most perfect story and be the ideal couple may lead to no story at all.

If you are one to keep your relationship intact going to any ethical extent to make it work, you probably got it covered, but if it’s too late for you, extend a hand of friendship with an online cake delivery in Jamshedpur to fix your equation.

  • For the girlfriend with a broken heart

If your girl is upset, make it work before it’s too late. It doesn’t take more than a gesture to fix your girl’s broken heart which is the lesser-known truth behind it all. Trying to bring the moon to the land, you may miss a beat and end up doing nothing at all. Be swift and clever, give her a meaningful card and a cake, it will be done.

  • To extend a hand of friendship to your ex

Not ended on good terms it is habitual not to be best friends with your ex-partner as is the common notion in any society. But who stops you from doing the unconventional. Send him or her a surprise cake and get written “mujhse dosti karoge”. We hope the answer is in your favour.

  • Lost touch in long-distance 

The last day before you flew to your dreamland you may have made profound promises of togetherness forever, but as soon as you step foot in the new trouble ships of lids, you tend to focus on what’s left behind. Knowing this as well you still can’t do much about it, but you can make an effort with a cake and a gift.

  • Cousins not talking anymore

Busy in schedules, newly appointed at jobs, pursuing higher studies, or being freshly married cousins from birth lose touch with each other and turn into acquaintances not much longer. Don’t let it happen with your cousin’s gang and keep this blood relation alive. How about a video call over a cake.

  • Grown older and part with parents 

It is a highly improbable thing to happen, but there is no doubt it happens quite often in this generation and time. With kids moving away from houses to go for further studies or to live a better quality of life abroad, they leave their parents behind. Fix what’s due with a cake sent to them as a thank you and love you.

  • For not understanding your best friend

The best friend in life is the person that always stands by, you know the dirtiest darkest secrets of this person and promise to never use it against them. It is an unsaid understanding that can’t be backfired. In case you missed this rule book unintentionally and failed to understand your friend’s perspective on a convo, be a doll and send a cake.

  • For canceling a date with your partner 

It is understandable sometimes our schedules prohibit us from doing everything that’s been well sorted and planned out. But you can’t always expect your partner to line up with your schedules too and you have to be apologetic about some times that go wrong. Make it up to your partner by sending them a cake at midnight and surprise them to death.

  • For telling someone No

Often unintentionally we say to someone very close to us be it our own siblings also. We restrict our abilities may be because of our mood, our anxiety, or anything that is bothering us. But this no makes a dent in their heart thinking they aren’t as important. It’s habitual to do these things, not knowing you are doing it. Make up for it with a cake and promise never to do it again.

You are on the path of righteousness, go, warrior, win your way back into your favourite propels hearts. No more social distancing in relationships, fix all that is broken this new year.