Why Do People Love Roses? This Is What You Need to Know

Why Do People Love Roses? This Is What You Need to Know

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Why do people love roses? Well, they’re beautiful, of course. We all know that.

They’re Not Like Other Flowers.

They’re delicate, yet alluring. The enchantress of flowers; the symbol of affection and adoration. They’re our universal gesture of love and a bit more.

This is Why we Love Roses.

Albeit, there are many other reasons as to why we adore the red rose. And so, let’s explore this affair. Why do we love this famously celebrated floweret oh so much?

A Timeless Beauty

The rose is a timeless beauty. Immortalized in Edo Japan to Ancient Greece, the rose has endured the test of time in its unified consensus of beauty.

It’s been associated with love, passion, and beauty for centuries. This has solidified the floweret to be universally known as an utterance of love and due to our associations with love and passion, the rose has been bound to the adjective of beauty.

It also doesn’t hurt that the rose happens to be a stunning flower. In every pigment, the rose maintains it’s beauty.

A Symbol Of Love

The rose is a universal symbol of get lost love back. It seems we’re subconsciously taught this as children and just accepted this as the norm into adulthood. But, there is a reason for this subconscious symbolism.

Since the Victorian Era, people have used flowers as a means of expression. Roses were often used to symbolize purity, friendship when pigmented a lighter color, such as yellow or pink. A red rose in the Victorian Era was used for love and passion, mirroring the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

And so, we carried forth this tradition into the modern era just as the Victorians did with Aphrodite. Gifting a rose or a bouquet of roses is our way of expressing our love for whomever, be it romantic or platonic.

Global & Cultural Significance

The rose is the flower of the world. A native to Asia, Europe, North America, and the northwest of Africa, the rose’s global accessibility, beauty, and fragrance has gained it a worldwide preference. It is the nation flower of countries throughout Eastern Europe, West Asia, the Middle East, South Korea, England, and the United States.

This global preference is evidence of the roses’ collective admiration and allure. We love roses. Perhaps this is in part due to its global accessibility, or unique cultural significance and history depending on its origin county.

Whatever it may be, we as humans are innately drawn to the rose.

Give A Simple Yet Sweet Gesture

Gifting a rose to a loved one is a simple, yet incredibly sweet gesture. It is a gracious “I love you.” A simplistic, yet delightfully pleasant remainder of one’s appreciation and affection made tangible in the form of a rose.

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