5 Clever Tips for Getting Your Sugar Daddy to Commit

5 Clever Tips for Getting Your Sugar Daddy to Commit

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Naturally, plenty of sugar daddies out there choose not to commit to the extraordinary ladies in their lives because they’re selfish, damaged, or otherwise just not the type of people a high-value woman should waste her time on. But there are also a lot of fantastic men out there who are simply a little gun-shy when it comes to commitment, and with good reason.

Commitment is a huge deal, especially for those who take it as seriously as they should. And all it takes is one bad experience with it to make someone nervous about doing it again, even once they do meet the right person for them. So if you know you’re already with that type of sugar daddy and just need to give him a little push, try the following tips on for size.

1. Make Your Own Life a top Priority.

Many men who are reluctant to commit feel that way because they’ve learned to see commitment as a trap. It could be that his parents had a rocky relationship, giving him an early impression of commitment as something that doesn’t work. Or it could just be that he’s had terrible luck in the dating department himself.

One of the best ways to show a sugar daddy like this that commitment to you will be different is to show him you have a rich, full life outside of your relationship with him. Don’t cling or get overly involved in his life. You need him to know you see him as more than just a sugar daddy, so put your career, hobbies, friends, and relatives at the center of your life where they belong instead.

2. Show Him he Can Count on You.

Many commitment-phobic men, especially those who have a lot to offer a potential partner, only see the drawbacks of what it means to be committed. They worry that the other person is only after their money or otherwise looking to take advantage of them instead of simply loving them. So if you want him to commit, you need to show him there’s another side to the commitment equation.

Again, don’t make him the center of your universe or drop everything for him. But do be there for him and show him that you care about him with concrete actions. In other words, demonstrate to him what a healthy relationship actually looks like, and he’s likely to come around on the commitment issue on his own eventually.

3. Avoid Nagging and Badgering.

So many women think that if an otherwise good sugar daddy is ready to commit, the way to fix the situation is to ride him really hard until he simply gives in. They figure the end justifies the means and that he’ll be grateful one day when he eventually sees commitment was the right choice all along.

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In actuality, though, the opposite is going to be true. When you nag, push, or badger a man – especially about a topic like commitment – all you’re doing is proving that he’s right to see women as pushy and long-term relationships as traps. Situations like these take patience, so it’s better to simply ease into things, especially if you two haven’t been dating long.

4. Let Him Be the One to Chase You.

Although many men these days sincerely appreciate independent, self-sufficient women, most also still like to be the ones doing the chasing. That said, has it ever felt as if the less interested you are in a particular man, the harder he tries to get you to notice him and choose him? It’s not your imagination. Men really are more attracted to women who make them work for it a little.

So avoid smothering your guy with countless text messages and constant communication. Instead, just live your life and actively avoid being too available. Give him a chance to miss you and play a little hard to get. Guys find it much easier to value something (or someone) when it doesn’t just fall right into their laps without them having to earn it first. It’s also easier for them to warm up to commitment when they think it’s their idea.

5. Show Gratitude for the Things he Does.

Guys who are genuinely worth committing are typically into doing things that make the women they date feel the way they do about them. But so many people simply take the things good people do for them for granted, while almost none remember to express (and show) active gratitude.

So does your guy make sure your bills are paid? Does he look out for you, treat you like a queen, and show you you’re a top priority? Make sure you’re actively thankful for all of those things. This shows him that you really care, that the things he does for you don’t go unnoticed, and that you’re worth committing to. Try it and see!