Why It's Important to Understand Types of Open Relationships

Why It’s Important to Understand Types of Open Relationships

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Have you ever wondered about the different types of open relationships and what the benefits to each type are? There are several ways to have an open relationship exploring the benefits to each may be beneficial to you and your partner. We will outline below a few differences and how you apply the one that best meets the needs of you and your partner.

Anarchistic Relationships

The name of this type of open relationship may be a slight indication as to the type of structure that it includes. There are barely any set attachments, no exclusively, and no boundaries as to who either partner can partner up with. There are fewer restrictions within this type of relationship and the freedom to hook up with who you would like. This could be a great place to start. Providing freedom to explore other avenues and a non-committed sexual type of relationship.


This phrase isn’t necessarily official, but the people who know what it means to understand it. In a monogamish relationship, the couple is married, but have an agreement that it is OK to go out and have other strictly sexual relationships every now and then. The married couple is still together, in an almost – but not quite – monogamous relationship. Both of them are OK with it and agree to everything that goes on, and even have a little fun with it.


Polyamory, springing from ancient Greek terminology, is where a person has deep relationships with multiple people, and all of the people are on the same page with it. It is like a community of people who all have the pleasure of pleasuring each other. Within a polyamorous love affair, everybody shares the same kind of longing for love from multiple partners and there is an understanding that flows through each relationship. For the most part, they are full of compassion and flow smoothly without any problems because the people that are involved in them already have consented to whatever goes on.


Swinging is kind of like monogamist, but a little more detailed and less restrictive. Swinging is where a couple likes to go out and “swing” sexually with other couples. This can be in a group setting or casually separated. Whatever the case is will be determined by the views and the needs of each couple involved. There is a possibility that a “swing” could end up meaning more than just a sexual experience, and the whole foursome could end up caring for each other and forming a relationship, however, this would be considered more like an open relationship than a swing. Swinging is more for fun than anything.

Open Relationships

Open relationships as a whole are when people get together and commit to be with each other in an intimate, caring relationship. There are boundaries, and guidelines that help to keep the communication flowing the way that it is supposed to. Being in an open relationship is more than just having sex. It is a trio or more of caring individuals who are there for each other and care about each other’s needs.