7 Ways On How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams Without Spending Money

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Beaches in Cabo, street style fashion in Paris, kicking back on a hammock in Bali. That’s the stuff that dreams are made of, but is it possible to live the kind of life you’ve always wanted without going broke? In other words: can you have your luxury cake and eat it too? With the right approach and preparation, of course you can… and we’re going to tell you how through a number of ways including picking up a sugar daddy! Weird we know.


A big part of many people’s dreams involves travel. Though a plane ticket alone can cost a month worth of rent, you can save money by choosing a destination where you have friends or family. Instead of booking Airbnb’s or expensive hotels, you’ll have a comfortable – and free –  place to rest your head. Not to mention you have the ultimate guide to all things local.


If you’re looking to find a gay rich man or even a straight one becoming a sugar baby maybe an option to consider.  Sugar relationships are like traditional ones except they involve compensation.  Often as a gay sugar baby you’ll receive financial compensation but you may also be invited on travel, be taken out to fancy dinners as well as be given gifts.

Other its possible to find a gay rich man in real life probably the best place is on a gay sugar daddy app.  Why would you go online well its actually quite simple the types of men that are going to be a gay sugar daddy are usually extremely busy so they don’t really have the time to look for relationships in real life.  Finding one online on one of the gay sugar dating websites or apps just makes it a lot easier.   There is a lot to consider before embarking on a sugar relationship. Make sure you think about what you’re looking to get out of it as well as the terms you’re comfortable with before going trying this out. Also be pretty careful as there are scammers on the popular gay sugar daddy apps.


If your idea of living the dream means staying on trend and Instragammable outfits, then you need to know about product testing. Sign up with a product testing company and you’ll have access to all sorts of brand name items at absolutely no cost – other than giving them your feedback. In most cases, you get to keep what you test, too.


Gym memberships aren’t cheap. Bu staying in shape is not only important for looking good, it’s important for feeling good. Save money on pricey memberships by adopting a home practice. With minimal investment in some dumbbells and a matt, you can stay in shape for a fraction of the cost. Or consider getting your daily exercise in the form of walking, biking, hiking, running, or competitive sports.


Many people who purchase designer clothing will consign items they no longer need and use the money to reinvest in their wardrobe. When they do, you win. With a little digging and some fashion know-how, you can find fabulous, like-new luxury pieces in consignment shops and boutique second-hand stores. You might also consider checking out outlets, where you can often find designer names for as much as 70% off what you’d pay retail.


So many of us equate luxury with large. That means mansions over condos. But living in a smaller space means less spending on furniture, energy, maintenance, tax, etc., and a good eye for design is all that’s needed to take a small, simple space into something sleek, modern, and comfortable.


More and more fashion rental shops are popping up across the country. What’s a fashion rental shop? It’s your go-to for designer clothing that you otherwise couldn’t afford. These (mostly online) shops let you rent brand names for less than half of what you’d pay to own the pieces. They offer different lengths of time, so you can rent for anywhere from a few days to several weeks.


Living your dreams doesn’t have to mean living paycheck to paycheck. There are plenty of ways to look great, get around the globe, and live in the lap of luxury without going broke. Although getting a gay sugar daddy or a straight one may seem strange it might be worth considering.  Either way do your research, change some habits, and follow these tips to the life you’ve always wanted.